Monday, May 2, 2016

Chiropractic Massage

Various Pinched Foot Nerve Treatments

In many instances, a pinched foot nerve will come as the consequence of minor trauma to the tendons or muscles which surround the nerve. Usually, decreased pressure on the afflicted area and rest reduces pain and leads to healing within one or two days. When this isn’t possible, it’s vital that you apply as little pressure as you can to the impacted foot and to wear supportive and comfortable shoes to prevent any further injury. At Dr. David Chang’s Pure Wellness Center in Valencia, CA, we’re proud to offer a cutting edge center for top chiropractic care. It’s one of our main priorities to protect the well-being of our patients.

More prolonged foot pain may call for chiropractic massage
Ice packs, over the counter pain medicines, and soft massage might assist in reducing pain until the nerve has completely healed. For more extended pain related to a pinched foot nerve, other therapies might be beneficial. Acupuncture and acupressure have been proven to aid in decreasing the pain and boosting blood flow to the pinched nerve. Also, chiropractic care might open pathways up to the feet and legs to reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

Surgery for foot pain
In extreme cases, surgery might be used in the treatment of a pinched foot nerve. Occasionally, prolonged inflammation that is caused by a medical condition or injury may produce severe nerve pain.

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